Relaxation Room

Below are meditations lead by Dr. Lisa in both English and Spanish. These short meditations can be done anywhere or any place, and they are a great way to destress and focus on yourself. 

Meditations: English

Meditations: Spanish

Crown: awareness , intelligence
I am present
I am grounded
I understand my life's purpose
I understand myself and show myself compassion
I am here and I am safe
Third Eye: Intuition and Imagination
I know how I feel
I think for myself
I know I am trust worthy
I know I am positive
I know I am fearless
Throat: Communication, speak your truth
I speak honestly
I express myself with love and support
I express my worth
I communicate peacefully
I speak courageously
Heart: Love and Support
I love myself
I love my family
I love my life
I love the blessings I have
I support my children
Solar Plexus: Self-confidence
I can control my future
I can do anything
I do love myself
I can be financially free
I can be connected
Sacral: creativity and sexuality
I want to experience joy in my life
I feel self confident
I feel creative
I do want to be nourished
I want to embrace change
Root: Stability and grounding
I am well-balanced
I am enough
I do do enough
I am centered
I am nourished
I am supported

About Chakras

Chakras are unseen focal points of subtle energy arranged along a central pathway running parallel to the spine. Each chakra is imbued with mystical energy known as prana or life force. Through rotation and absorption of this energy, each chakra governs the operation of distinct physical organs, emotional states, mental capacities, and spiritual aspects. Disruption in the balance of a chakra can impact the associated organs and contribute to illness.

Chakra balancing fosters relaxation, self-nurturing, the release of stagnant emotions and obstacles, and provide a platform for behavior adjustment through heightened self-awareness.


Click on each number to learn about the seven different Chakras to learn about each energy center of the body.