Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength®

Since 1969, Parents Anonymous® Inc. has supported the empowerment journey of millions of diverse Parents, Children, and Youth, building on the strengths of families and communities through Evidence-Based Parents Anonymous® Programs, Initiatives, and Advocacy. Parents Anonymous began through the extraordinary vision of Jolly K., a mother struggling to overcome obstacles to foster positive growth and development in all her children, and clinical social worker, Leonard Lieber. The Parents Anonymous® Family Strengthening Program includes the Helpline and Free Weekly Support Groups for Adults and separate Groups for their Children & Youth distinguished by developmental age. According to the Federal Title IV-E Prevention Clearinghouse, Parents Anonymous® is the ONLY culturally responsive program in the NATION that is proven to Effectively Improve Parenting, Enhance Mental Health, and Reduce Substance Abuse while Ensuring Child Safety for diverse families with children and youth of all ages.

Parents Anonymous® Inc. also operates various other services and initiatives such as Medi-Cal Peer Support, Prevention Education Program, United Mental Health Promoters, Shared Leadership® in ActionStrengthening Families San Gabriel ValleyCalifornia Peer Parent Network, and National Leadership Certification. Parents Anonymous® Inc. commits to fostering positive outcomes for families through culturally responsive services that combat racism, sexism, classism, and bias. Continuous research and evaluation is paramount to the goal of protecting and improving the lives of individuals facing discrimination and related trauma, striving for a just and equitable future for every community member. All Parents Anonymous® Programs, Initiatives, Staff, and Volunteers embody a culture of humility, honor, and respect for all people, are considerate of individual journeys, and cherish their diverse family cultures, traditions, beliefs, and values. Through Parents Anonymous® Programs, empowered parents, children, and communities create long-term social change that uplifts every individual and neighborhood worldwide.

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Parents Anonymous®  embraces the 21st century values and successes of Parents Anonymous® that result in empowered parents, children, youth, and communities. 

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Parents Anonymous® Inc. embodies the significance of human relationships in a resolute effort to enhance the well-being of parents, individuals, families, social groups, organizations, and communities regardless of class, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or age. 

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Parents Anonymous® Inc. elevates all Parents Anonymous® Evidence-Based programs, initiatives, research, and advocacy.  

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Parents Anonymous®  aligns with partners that advocate for food security, environmental justice, accessible housing, mental health, wellness, education, health care and safe neighborhoods. 

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Parents Anonymous® Inc. believes the future depends on parents. 

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Parents Anonymous®  has a legacy of successful outcomes for millions of parents, children, and youth since 1969.